movin’ on to the next move…..

This time of the year my boys have that genuine ‘I’m tired’ feeling. I have a very close father like figure in my life who was always a very healthy and athletic man. He even coached wresting at the college level. He use to always say, “There is no such thing as ‘I’m tired’ , you may be ‘sleepy’ but not tired.” I think in his house it was like saying a bad word. But I have to say, my boys are ‘tired’, worn out. But, we are, they are in the mode and working very hard to achieve success for their season ending. Last week they did subdivisions and the top four of each weight bracket make it to divisions (which is this coming weekend). We are having fun, they are working their little selves so hard. Tonight we had a night off and it was nice having them take the time to go jump on the trampoline and veg in front of the tv, A rare thing for this season of the year.

As for this Momma? I’m loving every minute of watching them perform on the mat. Wrestling is so mental, so physical, it is always beautiful to see them grow in both of these things. Although my hinnie is not liking it so much. I have a sciatic nerve issue going on that makes it VERY uncomfortable to sit. The only relief I feel is when I run to get thing loosened up, or laying flat. Whahhhhh…….

Jordan! Ended in 2nd place at the podium.


Corvan! Ended in fourth place at the podium.


Look forward to the following weekend!

January 15, 2015 - 7:56 am

Jenay - I’m so proud of my nephews!!! And you rock it on those bleachers…they are HARD and PAINFUL. Love you all!

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