This is how you make wrestling momma’s cry

I think my adrenaline is on high usage since yesterday.

Did you happen to see the Seahawks play today? Oh my goodness, what a game. It was a pure adrenaline  rush, and then to watch Russel Wilson dropping tears at the end, well, it was almost too much! Now off to the SUPERBOWL! Whoot! Whoot!

Yesterday started my adrenaline rush.  Corvan and Jordan went to divisions with their wrestling. Only top 4 go in each weight class so we are talking some good wrestling. Nail biters! We are apart of  a team that really do cheer one another on. If I see one of their kids at the mat I’m there to be support and if they see one of my kids at the mat I know they are right there behind me. It feels good to have the support.

Here is an example of Corvan’s team mates. Earlier in the season, Corvan went early in the morning to weigh in for a dual and stepping on that scale was 2 pounds over. Corvan had one hour to loose those pounds to be able to wrestle. Corvan’s friend Brayden, who is a top wrestler, took his time and energy to work Corv for that hour to loose those pounds. He sweated right along with Corvan and looking down on that scale an hour later to see that Corvan made weight with not even an ounce to spare, right on the dot!

Brayden, Corvan’s friend, got hurt and is unable to finish the season out, which brought tears to my eyes for him, we all know he would have been standing at the top of the podium. He showed up to divisions, him and his dad, and when Corv needed encouragement, without words, went for a walk with Corvan outside to get himself back together. He’s a friend, and an athlete.


Divisions, Corvan ended up in 3rd place and Jordan in 2nd. Could a Momma be any more proud of these boys?

Jordan stacking this boy, BOOM!


Jordan won each one until he went for first or second place.  Jordan has wrestled this boy several times this year and knew he was TOUGH.

Does his opponent look fearful to you? The boy ended up kicking it in and winning but he has Jordan FEAR don’t you think?


Next time buddy, I just know it! Second place is amazing, AMAZING! (snif, snif)


Then Corv, he has had a tough group this year. And can I just tell you, he worked his tail off for that 3rd place.

This is what makes wrestling Momma’s cry………..

Corv went into 4 over times and ended up loosing by one point! I cannot explain to you the emotion, the adrenaline going thru these veins of mine. Watching Corv wrestle like he’s never wrestled before, watching the emotion in him.  When it was all said and done I was on all fours on the mat, I got to my feet with tears welled up, I turn around and Jim is standing behind me all welled up with tears, then I turn around a little further and there are my friends wiping tears from their eyes too.



He almost had it!


When Corvan gets to this point he is unstoppable……..UNSTOPPABLE!


Over time!  A drink and a close pep talk from the coaches!


MORE Pepping!


It’s over, and now a little reassuring! Look at Jor’s concerned face!


Back in the stands for a little moment to himself.


But all in all it was a victory for both boys. They worked so hard and next week will be even tougher. League wrestlers, can my heart take it? I’m so glad I have a week to recover!




January 18, 2015 - 7:24 pm

Brandee Shafer - So much passion. It will serve them well all their lives.

January 19, 2015 - 5:28 am

Janice C. Johnson - What warriors you’ve raised! I love your “Mom” heart.

January 22, 2015 - 2:37 pm

Alecia Simersky - My son tried wrestling once, it wasn’t his thing. Boy is it INTENSE!! Oh my goodness. I’m not sure who gets into it more the kids or the parents. Even I found myself yelling and wanting to tear up! I’m not sure my heart could take it. Best of luck to your boys!

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