the results!

It was a good day indeed! All the members of the team that made it this far worked so hard the whole week before to prepare and then also at the meet. So proud of each one.

We started out with a team parade. See these big boys? Most of them move on after this day.  (snif)


Nice ceremony to begin the day!


Corvan really kicked it in and did so well! Super proud of him!


Jordan had a bit of an off day for him, but he is still standing tall on that podium. Nice Job JOR!


It was a fantastic season. I’m happy we may get some weekends back and might be able to have a few sit down dinners as a family during the week. But, then I also will miss all of those families I have spent countless hours with watching and cheering our boys on to be good athletes but also to grow in their character as upstanding to be men.

January 27, 2015 - 11:41 am

Ben - great stuff!!

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