Our Ruby girl, thank you Lord for her life!

What a roller coaster of a week.

Wednesday, I went for a good long run with my running partner, Ruby. She is preparing me with every run I do 5 days out of the week, for most likely, my last half marathon that takes place next weekend with my sister in Dallas, Texas! Ruby has ran ever single mile with me in training and I count on her for her endurance, protection, and friendship.


Oh she loves to go. She knows in the morning when I walk out my door if I am going running by the way I am dressed. If I have my running gear on she runs for the van eager to get in and GO! If I am in my street clothes, she walks the other way and at times snubs me by her attitude a bit.


We came home from our run after picking the boys us from an unexpected pickup due to a power outage at the school. We got out of the van and I changed rigs for I had hay in the back of the truck that needed to be stacked in the barn. I let Ruby out of the van and as I was driving the truck down to the barn I think she was trying to figure out which way I was going and turned to look and I ran her over! It was an instant cry for help! I ran to her and blood was gushing out of her side like a fountain. I put my hand over it and yelled for Corvan to grab me a towel from the inside of the house. He went a running. We got her in the truck and Jordan went to the vet with me putting pressure on her side to keep the blood from coming so strongly. We prayed and cried the whole way to the vet.


They stitched her up and began an IV. The whole time she was leaning up against me looking me in the eye just humming over and over again. It broke me, she is such a good girl my best buddy and I hurt her so bad. The mussel thing we hated but it’s a precaution they have to take, she is in so much pain after all. Jordan was right there being supportive and inquisitive making sure they were taking good care of her. At one point he had to go lean up against the wall, he was looking a little pale and telling me he was not feeling well. “Big breathes honey!”

The X-rays showed a fractured back leg. No internal damage from what they could see, she was hurt so bad!

We left Ruby there with some medicine so that she could rest without pain. We went home to wait for word on what they wanted to do with her.

We went home and instantly I went and took a long shower and had a major break down telling God, ” I can’t run without my RUBY! ” over and over again! I let the sisters, mom, and friends know what was up and they were all so loving and prayed along with us for her.


Beautiful flowers sent to us from Sister Debbie.

That evening we all went down to visit her and the secretary at the desk blurted out, “well, to fix her it will be a 4000 dollar bill, however we could amputate and that would cost you 1500 dollars.” I instantly went into a bawling fit. I knew we could not afford to fix her and my running partner without a leg? What kind of life would she lead when she loves to run, hike, swim, and catch balls. They would give us time to make the decision.  We all walked out of there a mess.

On top of it all, Jim was working out of town without cell service so we were having a hard time communicating and I needed his opinion and support and what to do with her! We left there with out much hope. I thought the most LOGICAL thing to do is to put her down. After talking to the sisters they had me convinced that amputating would be the option. She has a big heart and she would do great. I looked up many stories and was encouraged, this might possibly be the route we must take. The kids were having a hard time being convinced. Jordan was so precious (as were the rest) but his response was, “take all of my money, I don’t need it I’m just a kid!” Then they all decided our Disneyland fund that we have been saving for for several years we didn’t need it anyway. Whatever it took, they weren’t willing to give her up. We prayed, we prayed!

Around 10 o’clock that night I got a call from my parents. My dad had spoken to my hometown vet who was willing to take on Ruby as a patient, to do the surgery, to fix her for less of a price than an amputation here.

It was so late, we made no decisions, went to bed and would make more decisions in the morning after I spoke to our vet from my hometown.

I had the kids go to school, but we all packed our bags and had them ready in the car if that was going to be the decision. I took them to school, and went on a run with a friend, who dropped tears with me for she was missing our run without our girl too. On the run, Doctor Scott called and told me to get her there and he would take care of her. What a relief, and HOPE we had once again.

The boys and I were off on our five hour drive with our passenger in tow. Jim met us there, and he was thrilled we were getting her fixed. He is so good with animals, he is actually AMAZING with them. And he loves Ruby like the rest of us do. We dropped her off  at Doctor Scott’s vet office knowing she was in good hands, she had a very intricate surgery done the next day, she did great, and now we just got home with our Ruby girl laying by the door, glad to be home, and healing.



Thank you Lord, for giving us this option. You heard our pleas and you answered.



March 14, 2015 - 10:28 pm

Brandee - I cried reading this. I am so sorry this happened to Ruby and all of you. Oh my goodness, I know your big heart is just broken. Thankful for this option for Ruby…praying for her quick and complete healing…praying for a BREAK for you, My Love…just praying, praying. So much love to you. Why does life have to be so hard???

March 14, 2015 - 10:54 pm

kevin l - wow,,,that is hard, sorry marlece.i hope your doing ok now,,,so glad that your running partner , and family member, is on the mend. That makes the eyes tear up,,wow,,,so glad it will all be ok,just will take some mending time, and ruby will be on the run again,.lots of love for ruby,,take care ,,lasher family, give ruby a good pettin for me…from Kevin L,and woof.

March 15, 2015 - 9:21 am

kathykrav@gmail.com - Marlece, I didn’t expect to get up this am and the first thing I do is ball my eyes out! I am so sorry and happy too. This happened to my sister’s golden retriever. “Chester” healed nicely and lived many more years with her beloved family. I realize I really miss you and would love to reconnect. Gods Blessings, Kathy Kravitz

March 21, 2015 - 8:36 am

Janice C. Johnson - Oh, my soul… how terrible for you, as well as your sweet dog! So sorry to read about the accident, but glad, glad, GLAD Ruby is doing okay!!

March 22, 2015 - 7:06 pm

Dena - So sorry to hear about your Ruby! That is a heartbreaking thing to go through..I know, I had a somewhat similar thing with our pet. Turned out to be a symbol for me to be patient and slow down amidst difficult, fast-moving, changing times. Even more, the injury was asking me to love myself and those around me while letting go of old ways. Animals reflect so much back to us about what is going on in our own lives. Their innocence is a gift that can deliver us to even more compassion. Blessings, love, peace and healing for you, Ruby and family.

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