A lot of mish mash…..

A lot of mish mash, here we go!

Brayden keeps jumping higher and higher, I LOVE watching this!


Corvan had some buddies over and as we spent the day racking leaves, picking them up and dumping them, they got a ride back.


I got to meet Jan FINALLY! Jan is a blogger/writer and I fell head over heals in friendship with her over reading her blog. I always knew I’d love her but now that I got to touch her. I’m even more mesmerized. She does life with her husband in Texas. Jan, she always has a way of relating to me but with wisdom on top of it. I am very blessed to call her my friend. (Oh and by the way, her hair is gorgeous!) Thanks for carving some time out for me while visiting your kids Jan!

jan and me

Easter was spent with the family. These two, they certainly have the ‘cousin love’ going on.


I know, I could not help myself, the boys LOVE this picture. They ask me over and over and over to show it to them just one more time. This is my gorgeous new niece.  Only a few weeks old. Cellie Joy is her name and she is absolutely beautiful.

This was only a moment because 99% of the time she is happy and content. (she had enough pictures taken of her at the moment)


Look at my sisters gang these days. Aren’t they all beautiful? I’m blessed to call them my own.


Dad gave me a starter off of his sour dough. I’m learning.


The kids dug right in. I just added a couple of eggs and a little milk to the mixture and sour dough pancakes, wala!


They told me NOT to do it, but I can’t help it! Doing bible study with these two, family, is to my delight.

bungers and me

Well, that is the latest, I’m a blessed girl aren’t I? I mean, my kids, friends, family, what more could a girl ask for?


April 18, 2015 - 7:29 am

Janice C. Johnson - Marlece, I’ve been digging out from my trip to the PNW and finally JUST NOW settled down to read your latest post. Lo and behold, there’s a picture of you and me!
I loved meeting you in “3-D” and hope for another get-together soon. YOU are a major blessing!

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