Being a mom of all boys, at times, I must say, I get into this funk of, “I won’t ever be going out to pick out that dress, plan a wedding, get my nails done with my girl………..” but, then the Lord just blesses my heart with a kid like Brayden who is up for suggestions and is willing and we have fun! We went and picked out his prom attire and if I must say we had a BLAST! WHO NEEDS GIRLS!

Today we started out with a meet in Chehalis and he had a PR of a whole foot. By the time state comes, WHO KNOWS how high he will be jumping!


Then, after he stood on the podium for 3rd place at this meet we ran to the car to get home to prepare for the prom.

All started showing up and he JUST stepped out of the shower, but he made it in fine fashion!

SUAVE! Don’t you think?


Pretty date, meet Lillie.


friends, and sisters, pretty sweet don’t you think?


Brayden helping his buddy out.


Overwhelmed, a little prayer? I don’t know but I thought it was cute.


Complete goof balls, dang I just love these boys!


What a sweet group of kids.


Israel and Brayden, at it again!



My fav……I do love this boy, this man, so much!


Praying they have a safe and fun night tonight.


April 26, 2015 - 6:04 pm

Jenay - My nephew is looking mighty fine!!!! He is such a cool kid, I love him so stinking much!!!!

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