He is with us!

This week I have had a couple of those moments when you just drop to your knees and thank Jesus for who He is.

Layton is cutting trees on some very steep ground at the moment. They have to propel themselves to where they need to be by climbing up with a rope in one hand and saw in the other.  He told me when he was at the top he lost his footing and went flying straight down to the bottom with saw following right behind him. He came out of that with a few minor scratches. Thank you Lord!

layton cutting

Then, on the way home he stopped on the side of the road due to feeling a bit too sleepy to be driving.  He gets up around three in the morning to begin his day. He said he pulled over on the side of the road, laid back and shut his eyes and not a minute later he heard a huge, “BOOM!” He said he didn’t know what it was and now was awake enough to get back onto the road. As he was getting back on to the road two state cops go flying by and not a half of a mile down the road a massive collision had just taken place. Layton was first on the scene along with the cops who just flew by, they weren’t even stopping traffic yet so he went on by but this time stopped his truck to not get a little shut eye but to thank His heavenly Father that he was just spared from being in that wreck. Just a second sooner……….

Jesus sees us, protects us, loves us, hears us, on and on …….

I am so grateful that He has been right there with Layton. SO grateful He keeps his hand right on him.


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