Whew! What a weekend!

We had a long weekend spent in my home town celebrating Niece Charsie’s graduation from high school. She is a sweety and it was a fun time celebrating her and her accomplishment.

We took a day and went to Kah Nee Tah! Oh did we have a good time. The cousins, they eat each other up when they are able to get together. This auntie eats it all up as well. I love when they get to be together, it makes me very happy!


Best buddies right here, Jordan and Reese.


Our graduate, Charsie along with Sissy Moo.


Niece La with her babes, aren’t they all so sweet?


Luke, Corvan, and Jordan, I love these boys!!!!


See? I love kissing on these babies, CAN NOT GET ENOUGH!


I love these boys, again, THIS makes me happy! Cousins,  Kole and Layton


Playing together makes you stay together. This is true!




lunch time


More….Look at that Cellie Joy that I am holding up for the picture, is she the sweetest ever?




Great day, then we went home and celebrated with many of Charsie’s friends as well with a dessert bar.

The next few days was spent moving mom and dad out of their home. Lots of sorting, lots of…….lots of………decision making. The days were spent, to all of us, yelling “FOCUS, FOCUS” and then “NEED OR WANT!” It was actually a good time spent with the folks and watching Jim and the boys helping lift and move made me smile inside. I’m anxious to what the Lord has for their next phase of life.

Big weekend, “Thank you Lord for Charsie, look forward to  what you have for her next phase of life, and thank you for my Mom and Dad for seeing them thru and anxious to see what you have for Chars, and the folks next phase of life, keep your hand on them, guide them, keep them close, no matter we give to You all the glory!”





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