Hand shake/look me in the eye and state tournament

Sometimes as a parent you look back and say, “I think we missed something in our parenting” and then  you feel a little defeated and deflated a bit. I would say that Jim and I were at this place this morning in our conversation. It was an overall feeling in general about our past and present parenting, you know, a moment of reassessing. I even had conversation with my mom about it after Jim and I were talking. Mom was saying how kids these days don’t have that same level of respect as they once had in earlier generations. We talked about how to instill this in our kids.

Then, this afternoon this article was brought to my attention that was put out there about Brayden in our local paper called the Nisqually Valley News. He was interviewed last week, (of course I didn’t have a clue) honestly, if there was never another article about him ever again in the paper I wouldn’t care after this article. This, I am more proud of than most any amazing thing he has done. I think the Lord was boosting us up as parents after JUST having this conversation.(smile)


Anyway……STATE TOURNAMENT, we were there! I don’t know why I like this picture, I would like to think he was looking in the stands for his Momma, that’s all.


Getting himself all lined up.


It’s like how the engine on an aircraft gets started and starts heading down the runway, I just wanted to YELL, “FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS!”





So proud of him, 3rd in state.


It was HOT, but Jordan and I enjoyed every single second, now we get to congratulate him afterwards.


A coach that really cares about Brayden, this man was Brayden’s first coach when he was little in football as well. Brayden respects and listens to him and wants to do what Coach Steve asks of him. Thanks Steve!


It was a good weekend, thanks Brayden for giving it your all, it was fun to watch and cheer you on.


Thank you Lord, for making me a Momma, that is all I have to say at this moment, thank you!



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