Ruby’s debut!

I’d say, today is a journey I did not know I would ever have to take with running partner but here we are today healthy and still with much heart.

Six weeks post surgery all seemed to be going well until I told Jim over the phone, beings he has been working out of town, that Ruby just seemed really depressed. She was mopping around not acting like herself at all. Jim got home on the weekend and said with alarm in his voice, “something is wrong, we are losing her!” I called the doctor and drover her over to the other side of the mountain  where she was cared for beautifully when doing the surgery to save her leg.

The doctor took one look at her and said she was full of infection and began immediate IV antibiotics. I went and spent the night over at my mom and dad’s house. After the doctor got done assessing her he told me he wanted to keep her for the week and get her infection cleared up. He told me it would be no charge to me, he wanted a chance to save her life. WHO DOES THAT? This doctor, this friend, who I am over the top appreciative of him and his staff.

Mom and I went to see her that next morning before I left to go home. I begged my mom to come visit her as much as possible so that she didn’t think I was abandoning her. To leave her, it broke my heart into a million pieces. She was so sick but so wanted to be with me. I left her to go back to my family but had five hours of obsessing and praying for her as I went back over the mountain.

My mom sent me pictures nearly every day of her. Dad and her went and laid hands on her and prayed for her. This all blessed my heart so much. Doctor called me midweek and told me the infection was clearing up and she was doing much better but her leg, the nerve damage was just too much, she was not using it and he felt he should take it. He did it that Tuesday and we went and picked her up Friday. She was  a much happier girl when we picked her up than when I left her. She was READY to go home after 8 days of being a patient. Her heart was still happy and again it broke me.

I cried all week when she was gone,  mainly  worried she thought we abandoned her. I knew she was in good hands, but I could not stop crying about her thinking I left her! Do you know how the Lord does a work thru you that you didn’t see coming or that you even knew you had issues with?Well, I think that whole week he was doing a little heart surgery on me as well. I realized I had a huge pride issue. She has always been my prize running partner. I loved that, I loved when I didn’t run with her for a day and people who I have never met, I see in a grocery store and they would stop and ask me, “I saw you running today, but where is your partner?” This happened so many times! Now I have a girl who is a tripod, and what am I suppose to do with that? My pride was being blown right out of my chest. Pride is sin and I came to know that I didn’t want this in me anymore, in any area of my life. I was seeing it pop up in all kinds of places. I was being dealt with as well, I had an infection called pride and the Lord was working on healing me up.


We ran for the first time in a park this weekend. She did amazing and had all the spunk she always has had. She’s a bit out of shape and her gait is a bit different but she still wants to go, go, go! People’s reactions were either way positive with a big shout out and encouragement or nasty with a lady yelling at me, “DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE WANTS TO DO THAT?” So, we kept going, I found myself being  PROUD but not prideful of my running partner.


We went to the groomer for the first time today. We have been waiting for her debut. She knows she is pretty.


Can still see on her front leg where they shaved for the IV. She is 2 weeks now into being a 3 legged champ, and she is smiling, can you see it?


June 9, 2015 - 10:23 pm

Brandee Shafer - This made my cry. Ruby. You’re so awesome. You, too, Marlece. So awesome. God just never leaves us alone; does He?

June 10, 2015 - 10:18 am

Dena Leigh - Made me cry too! Love love love and more love, Xoxo

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