1st weekend of summer!

We love this hike, we love this hike, we love this hike!

Just look at the beauty! (and the cute kids too!)


We went a little off of the beaten bath to find this gem in the woods. A water hole that was at least 10 feet deep! Brayden, Friend Steven, Corvan, and Jordan decided to all take the plunge into the freezing cold (it was just winter) river.


Crazy goof, he did not belly flop, but it was looking like he was going to!


STUDS! They were trying to act all cool cat, as if they weren’t cold, after that. (I know better)


Do you see who also is swimming quite successfully across that river? GO ROOOOB!



We are in our element right here. Beautiful day! And I know I keep saying it, but so glad my partner was near us this day.  5 miles, swimming, and exhausted that she was indeed.



Taking a little break.


Learning a little something about Steven. When suggestions are flying around, he’s really quiet, and I think once he finishes analyzing it in that head of his, he is the first to take the plunge.


Oh, no, that cold?


Always have to end the day at the rock on the way home. I love this picture, I just love it!




FUN day!


It just feels so strange to be doing these things already in June. Usually we are still fighting the rain around here but this year has been exceptionally sunny and we have been taking extra advantage!


June 18, 2015 - 8:48 am

Gina - Looks fun!! Look at those handsome guys. How is it that even Jordan has a six pack? Geez! And Ruby… My first thought was that she was messing up her freshly done hair. But then I realized how awesome it was that she was swimming. I know she could not have been happier. Great pictures girl!!

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