Summer Stuff

This girl, is running a MARATHON right here. Austin is a power woman. Jim, the navigator of where to chase her next was followed by Jordan, me, Austin’s baby girl, her mom and sisters.  We took great delight in going to THE NEXT STOP! Capitol marathon, it was fun to be on the side lines cheering her on.


Austin’s cheer squad!


We also have baby chicks! Nothing like a baby is there?


Hydrangeas have gone nuts this year! We have had sun in June this year, whoot, whoot!


In love with my taco salad!


Look at my baby just taking a break from hard play. What do you think is going thru his mind? (I love my mom probably)


I love when they get to eat from an open field instead of a hay bale. They are happy about it this morning too.


Good, good times, the Lord is a good, good God, blessed, yes, blessed!

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