horsin’ around this summer

We have gone on a couple of really fun rides this summer. It really is my happy place. Every time I am on that trail I feel giddy.

This kid, he is such a good rider. In ways I wish I was more like him. I always feel, just like a mother, that I need to be in CONTROL all of the time. There are times when Jordan lets Whenn lead the way, it freaks me out when I see them heading off the trail to I don’t know where, thinking, thinking, there is going to be a wreck. But once he decides that he is ready to be the one leading them he shows great authority, always very relaxed. (I’m sitting over there sweating!)




Jordan is usually the one in the lead, but who cares today!


It was a 2 1/2 hour ride, the boys did some sweating and now relaxing for a bit.


Jordan is tying to share his chip, Whenn isn’t so sure…..


Then he decided he would try it! He was crunching the chip, he liked the sound, cracked us up!


Love him!


FUN day!


Make my heart sing!


Another ride, dusty boots, and a happy girl, that I am!


August 7, 2015 - 4:53 pm

Brandee - Wish I’d been with you guys…

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