Definitely our spot this summer!

Summer, it always brings out adventure, barbecuing, yummy salads, lots of outside work, not interested in inside work. It always brings me to a place of enjoying my boys by playing with them. We also work together alot as well. This is one of our summer favorites. We back packed into this spot, not very far, a mile into the camp spot.

So dang cute!


Corvan is so good at starting the fire.


Brayden and friend Steven climbing to the top to ‘stay away from the bears’, just kidding, this was the big joke when we were there whenever I would ask, “why are you doing that?”


Steven taking a little snooze, doesn’t this look comfortable?


Corv, he is so much like me, he’s ready to go to bed early and up bright and early.


Ok, off to a little hike, although, we had swim suits because there were too many high rocks to jump off into the water.


We were also being very naughty……I know, where we camped we could take her but everyone wanted to swim on this trail, was it fair to the one who loves to swim too, or to go on trails? I know, I KNOW, we are naughty, she is spoiled, and, and……


I think she just saw the sign and she is looking at me with, “PLEASE, don’t read this mom, come on!”




That river water is soooooo cold to a child who has zero fat content.


Corvan taking the plunge!


“Thanks for ignoring that sign.”


And no matter what on our way home we always have to stop at the rock.


Grateful for these days, grateful for this time, grateful for these blessings!



August 15, 2015 - 4:13 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Marlece, I SO wish I could have come with you! You have a great way of journaling your experiences that makes me feel like I was right there. Beautiful photography, too.
Oh, and I’ll NEVER tell how naughty you all were….

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