Her happy place!

This is my mother inlaw, my boy’s have always called her Bona. Layton started the tradition when he was just tiny.

This is where Bona lights up, where she is happy. Her garden, I always tell people, is as big as my house! People ask, “why don’t you have a garden?” Because I am blessed enough to not have to do a garden, Bona feeds us well. All year round, when it comes to the winter we get canned goods. She does it because she loves it, she is a giver, and we are blessed!

Here, she is on a mission to throw as much at me as she can before I say, “WE CAN’T EAT ALL OF THIS BEFORE IT GOES BAD!!!”


Telling me, “I need this!”


Digging potatoes.


beans, beans!!


Corvan helping to find MORE! Jim said when he was a kid, every night he had to weed a row or two, or three,  before he got to do anything else.


We are blessed by her green thumb and so is much of her home town. Thank you Bona for sharing with us ‘your happy place’ always.


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