Run like a dog Roob, Roob!

Today, was a day we have been anticipating. It was a like a milestone that we were all so excited to accomplish. It has been almost 4 months since the accident.  Ruby knew today was here when she saw Jordan and I walking out the door with our running gear on. Her ears perked up and she raced to the car, ready to get in!

It was a run to support our Humane Society, and we believe it was a well worth cause. Ruby saw those other dogs, and she thought, “there are more out there that do this than just me?” A 5K, and here we go!!

Before shot!


Look at her taking the lead!!! Dang I love this dog!


Jordan FLEW out of the gate!! We didn’t see him until we finished. He got a time of 7:17 per minute, he finished over all in 26th place out of 474 people. He was the youngest runner out there. LOVE THIS BOY!!!! His feet, are they touching the ground?


Almost there!


Lots of commotion right here, fire trucks other dogs, coming close to the end. Ruby was a little concerned, but kept running.


Look at his determination! I am in LOVE!!!! Ughghghghg!!!!


Ruby is asking where her medal is……



I am all choked up……..


Thank you Lord for her healing, thank you for a son who enjoys running as I do, thank you for this day, I am over the top grateful today.


August 22, 2015 - 3:47 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Bravo, Bravo!! Those are perfectly wonderful pictures. Jordan is a rocket, isn’t he? Ruby’s recovery chokes me up, too. SO glad you all have each other.

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