#40 that’s my boy!

Today is Friday and usually the biggest thing on my list is feeding football player and going to watch Brayden be a star!

I am preparing for the boys to make a long trip to play another game but Brayden isn’t playing. Last week I sat in the stands watching him on the side lines and I got all teary for a couple of minutes. He rolled his ankle and is  headed in for surgery next Friday. I’m sad for the team and I am sad for Brayden but also glad they can fix him up and he’ll be good to go again.

He, up until this time  did wonderful!

Look at him putting the squeeze on that guy!

football 2015 1

He’s holding that guy off!

football 2015 2

Can you see the confidence in the coach back there? He’s thinking, “Oh man, he’s gonna put the hurt on that boy!”

football 2015 3

Getting pumped for the game!

brayden 2015 fb

There he is…..super proud of him, and now we will finish off the season on the side lines but next year….watch out, here we come!

brayden football 2014

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