Catching up is what I do…..

It has been way too long of not posting but it is time. I have been in the middle of all kinds of things this fall and have not made the time to sit and write. I do love this time of the year. It really is such a time to watch my kiddos thrive whether it’s in academics, sports, milestones, it just seems to keep going this time of the year. SO, I will quickly give an update to living this life of mine.

September, 1st day of school

A junior this year


1st year of middle school, 7th grade


My 4th grader


Lots of football

Jordan, carrying the ball






Why do I love this so much? Sweaty head and all.


Brayden, well let’s just say he’s feeling a bit too sexy for his new used wheels.


Harvesting the rest of Bona’s corn on the cob. We are in heaven being able to take this fresh frozen corn out of the freezer, yum-O!


This is my heart right here. Brayden’s best buddies going on a 3 day hiking trip, all about the adventure, they got alot of it too.

Weekend before school started.


They look prepared don’t you think? They had a blast. I love every single one of these boys. Trip, success, check!



My precious Amy and I here to listen to Bob Goff, it was most thrilling, that man practices what he preaches, ‘Love does….’


Brayden ended his football season with an ankle surgery, I dropped a few tears due to sitting in the stands and watching him on the side lines. I’m grateful we have next year too.

Right before surgery, right after surgery with his dad,  and then his post op check. He is healing, thank you Jesus.

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Corvan and Jim went on a couple of nights elk hunting trip. They didn’t get anything but they saw snow,  and wolf tracks to close for my comfort. But, it was some good dad and Corvan time, it was needed for both.


The industrial athlete that my first child Layton is, cutting timber and loving it still……I’m learning to dream where my kid’s dream is and find success in that.

layton work 3

Or climbing, and in the clouds.

Layton climbing

Look at this kid. He got himself all snazy for his homecoming in which he went with a group of friends, they had a blast. And according to me he is the most handsome of them all.


I am truly head over heals.


Makes for a big fat lump right in my throat.


So, that kind of brings the past couple of months up to date. Our Savior, He truly gives good gifts, I am a blessed Momma and wife who finds much joy and satisfaction in these people I call mine. I also do know that apart from Him none of this is even possible. Good days/ bad days, if He is in the middle then I have comfort and peace knowing He has it in His hands and is in control. For that I find this season exactly what it is suppose to be all about……….




November 13, 2015 - 9:24 pm

Brandee Shafer - I love you so much. I really do. I look at your photos and read your words and just feel way down in my soul that you are my sister. I can’t wait for the day that I get to hug your neck. It’s coming. It really is.

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