breaking up is hard to do!

It’s now been almost 2 weeks, my biggest boy moved out and is an independent home owner of his own home now. All of these NEW things with each little phase of life, it just seems I’ve been doing alot of sighing and telling myself to breathe the past couple of weeks. Trying to not call when I know the roads are icy and feeling like he needs a Momma’s warning of this (I failed)  Trying to not text when getting out of the shower because when I was in there all I could think about, “does he have shampoo?” (I failed) Of course, is he going hungry, is he drinking enough water, is he lonely, is he, is he, is he, is he……ughhhhhh! As my sister always says, “we raise them to leave the nest not stay in the nest!” YESSSSSS!!!!!!! OKKKKKKK!!!!!!

Anyway, the week Layton was making his exit out of our home it was a tough week. Layton was being a super big brat, right out snotty to his mom, I kept it all in perspective by telling myself, “we are just cutting the cord here, don’t take it personal!” The evening he had his room packed up and heading out of the door he came in and said he was spending his first night in his house I told him we were proud of him and that I loved him and let’s just say we had a bit of a moment. I saw him out the door and dropped ALOT of tears the rest of the night. Jim kept saying, “we knew it was coming…” I KNOW, just let me have a moment, and then texted mom and the sisters for a little sympathy my way.

The next day, we got a trailer full of stuff we had to help fill some space in his home. Jim got in the truck and started heading the wrong direction from Layton’s house. I said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, You are going the wrong direction?” Jim said to text Layton we would be 45 minutes later and that we would bring him some dinner. Jim drove us to Fred Meyer after seeing a sale on for recliners, we got Layton one and grabbed some deli food for him and went to deliver it. Jim is always thinking in this way and it so blessed my heart once again.

Ok, this is where it gets good and again SO BLESSED MY HEART!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE AT LAYTON’S DOOR………..request of Layton as we were walking in the door. It made me giggle a little. We also went to check out his closet, everything was perfectly organized in his closet, it was right out beautiful. Hmmmmm…….so if you ever are thinking you sound like a broken record at home, “do this, do that, put this away” maybe it is sinking in, possibly.


And, this is his smiley face after opening that big box up.


I am proud of this kid for working so hard to get to this point.  I pray that Layton keeps growing into the man that Jesus intended for him to be. I will try  not to show outwardly what is swimming around in my head NONSTOP and not be THAT mother.

It’s all cool, I’m chill, as they would say. (sweat beads pouring off of my forehead)

Anyway…… more milestone………

January 22, 2016 - 8:13 am

Brandee - Congratulations to Layton! He really is so young to be a homeowner, which says so much (all good) about him and his parents. I love that his daddy bought him a recliner; you got a good one and have raised / are raising three more. xo

January 22, 2016 - 8:23 am

Roni - Oh I am crying for you. I have so been there! How can we be so proud and so sad at the same time?

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