Going back a few months ago, I had made a decision that I didn’t want to buy gifts but to take Christmas money and make an event happen. So, this what the kids found under the Christmas tree. At the time it might have been a bummer because there was no presents but I think now that we have been they would all say that it was worth the wait and worth not opening up a Christmas gift.

They had to unscramble these letters…..


I planned February the week after they finished wrestling, they had worked so hard and it was a well deserved break to relax (the way they prefer to relax going hard, ride after ride) no restrictions on the eating, and doing something they have never got to do before like go on an airplane!

I love this picture they just look so little and sweet here. It makes my heart bounce out of my chest!


Our first ride, isn’t this also the cutest? It’s like you can see the innocence in all of us. SO DANG CUTE!


One thing I so loved that I don’t remember is all the characters are out visiting ALL THE TIME, we caught a few, probably our fav’s.


This so cracks me up on so many levels.


The whole fam (minus Layton, he felt he just didn’t want to miss work, we missed him but honor him for being responsible to his responsibilities, we still missed him, wah)


Jim loved the cars area, we made him watch the movie when we got back. He loved the music, going back in time, the cars, he loved it.


Our favorite! Over and over…..That is all of us on the bottom row, me and over to Jim, the boys are veterans at this point so they have to put on their own show.


I LOVE THIS PICTURE, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! This is a picture of satisfaction right here. He is looking at me with those blue eyes, when I am mad at him I will get this picture out to remind me. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!


Also, a day a knot’s. They loved the craziness of these rides. But I love Charlie Brown so it was a win, win.


Snoopy is as cool as he is in the show.


Just a relaxin’ for a few minutes…..


Look at my boys! I am so the most blessed woman on the planet.


That wasn’t the end, I will share the finality and the best part soon. I tell you, vacation just brings out the playful, it brings out things in myself and the others that one just doesn’t see on a daily basis. Our gratitude child, Jordan, gave more hugs with thank you’s, I can’t even count. We really feel blessed to have been able to pull this together with our time and money.

To be continued………….



February 15, 2016 - 8:55 am

alecia simersky - Looks like so much fun!! We went to Disney World last year and had fun. It was SO crowded, but still fun. So glad you and your family were able to get away and spend quality time together!

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