freakin’ fun!

continued…..Sister Shauna lives not far from the happiest place in the world. But I have to say……Sha’s comes in right there at the top. Jordan even voiced this fact to us while there. The cousins just don’t get to see each other, not even kind of enough. There is just a genuine love for each other. I think there is something about cousins because we kind of all raise our kids in the same fashion they just become fast friends, JUST LIKE THAT even with all the distance between them!

Shauna and family, they have many come and go thru their home and they know how to love on you the minute you walk into that door. I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. I get to our room and there is a huge basket of amazing yummies, magazine, drinks, and Justin even added a cigar for Jim, HELLO, this spoke, ” I love Justin!” Anyway, we came driving into the driveway and they are sitting outside in the rocker chair outside their door waiting for our arrival. It’s the small things, don’t you know…..

This was our first experience to this amazing fast food, had to take a picture, doesn’t everybody when they go here? We went here with instruction on how to order right before we hit the Vaughan household.


Sat down with sister while her kids all chimed in to make an amazing salmon feast. It was AMAZING!


This is the bunch…..playing Frisbee football together, look at them all!


Took a day to play at the beach after dropping some off to go to school. We got to be apart of their morning chapel before school. What an experience, the honor this school gives to others is like no other. What an incredible place to be able to educate your children, whoa!


These two, it was a happy time to do some ‘catching up’. They even went out on a little date to eat big fat hamburgers and movie. She is not only sweet but the most amazing baker in the planet, I have much to learn from her.


Are those some satisfied faces?




She just does the California girl thing so well, it just fits her.


These two…..those four…..we went to Santa Monica, OH MY GOSH, I am in LOVE! The guys were so great, they even let us run around to all the stores, one to another, then the other and on and on……Aughghghghg!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN! Did I mention we left the kids at home?


Sunset was just sooooooooo……well, just look at it…..


My year…..yes, Justin, you see that? THAT ME!


A fantastic dinner to end the night.


Ok, little sister, thank you for sharing your home, thank you for sharing your kids, thank you for sharing your world, thank you for praying together as family, thank you for every single bit of our visit. You are a movie star family to us. You and Justin are instilling  amazing  things into your kids lives and it shows in every single one of them, they are all  unique and loving in their own incredible way.  Thank you for  our time together.  I know each one of us felt the LOVE!


Please Lord, please don’t allow the miles between us distance us, I dropped tears on the way out, cuz I just want to see all when I want to see all, like tomorrow if I wish.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the memories of a life time.



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