This is my mom. I love her. She has always been devoted to me. I get my cheerleader gene from her for she has always been my biggest cheerleader. I am grateful to her and really in the past couple of years I have found a different kind of love for her, I think out of admiration, that just added to the love already there. She’s my friend thru and thru. I love my mom.


This is my mom too. Jim’s mom. We call her Bona around here from the time Layton decided that was her name. He  spoke of her, one of his first words, to this day it has just stuck. This time of the year is when Bona just lights up. She is an avid gardener, she always amazes me with her talent in this area. She is always giving, and always willing whatever, she is willing. I love her.


ALWAYS in the dirt or in the trees.


Ok, look at this, look at this…..this is what Layton came bearing, this beautiful thing. Wasn’t that sweet? I thought so…..


Layton also brought grand-doggie, Maple.


This is what my kitchen looked like after we ate lunch……yes, that is my men cleaning the kitchen. Sit back Bona  and enjoy with me.


This is what I consider a perfect day, all of the boys right here at home. I am a blessed woman.


Thank you Lord for loving me as you do. To be a daughter to an amazing mother, to be married to a man who has a mother that I now call my own, and then to bless me with four boys, I have no words, I just have no words, but thank you, thank you!


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