Scary in this world we live in

With all of the happenings in this world we live in it makes one thankful every day for God’s protection upon those that we love. Satan is out to kill and destroy and he will do everything he can to do just that. I hate the evil. I’m so grateful we have a God that comforts and is all knowing, so this we can trust no matter what the circumstances that come our way we can count on Him.

It was Layton’s 21st birthday this month and I have just been going back in time in my mind when I think Satan thought he was going to destroy my son by trying over and over again and yet Jesus showed up time and time again.

When Layton was just an infant I laid him down for a little snooze (on his tummy, I know bad me) ran outside to get a little fresh air and water some plants. I came back in to check on him and when I looked at him he was a bluish color. I picked him up and began shaking him and crying the name of Jesus out loud. He kind of woke up but was lethargic, I got in the car with him and drove a million miles an hour to the ER. They monitored him over a few nights in the hospital and determined that he had a near SIDS experience. We went home with a home monitor and if he had a heart beat that was irregular this alarm would go off and basically startle him back to normal again. Every time he went down for a nap I would just sit and stare at him. At first it was going off often, I was a wreck, I was getting no sleep, nervous ALL THE TIME. One day my dad was on the phone with me Layton was napping  when the alarm went off and I threw the phone down and went to pick up Layton, assessed he was ok, and then picked up the phone again. Dad in his ‘talk thru his teeth manner’ said, “THAT IS IT!” And began praying the way only a grandfather would pray for his grandson, with authority in Jesus name. He instructed me to call every church I could and get on their prayer chain. I told him I didn’t really know anybody yet at our church, he said he didn’t care that if they are a church they have people who pray and that is what we need. So I did, Layton didn’t have another episode after that.

Prayer works!


Then, when he was about 2 years old he went thru this stage of crying out in the middle of the night. It wasn’t a ‘I lost my binkie’ kind of cry but a terror cry. He would be standing up in his bed and staring out the window and screaming at the top of his lungs. This went on over and over. I would go in and just pray the name of Jesus over his room, pray over him and stay with him until he would relax and fall asleep again.

Layton’s uncle came to visit on a complete whim, in fact he didn’t even tell us he was coming he just showed up for dinner. (only a 5 hour drive, ha!) No real particular reason, we had a good visit. I set him up in Layton’s room for the night and had Layton sleep in our room. Charlie was woke up early in the morning and left to go home.

Layton started sleeping thru the night, it was so nice for everyone. We went for a visit to visit the family several weeks after Charlie made a surprise visit and shared with us that he was awakened by something evil outside the window of Layton’s room and he got up and walked around our house over and over  praying scripture over our house. I’d say that Charlie was directed right where the Lord could use him.

AGAIN, prayer works!


Today, Layton is a vibrant man of God. I know the Lord has a calling on his life and Satan didn’t like it so he  was out to kill and destroy.


Thank you Lord for hearing when your children cry out to you.

Happy 21 years old and a few days Layton James.


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