summer 2016

So many happenings and that is what summer is alllllllll about is it not? A few high lights that we have had the privilege of having is my parents didn’t spend 4 days with us they spent 4 weeks with us. We did life together and it was fun. It was nice to have them here just to see what daily life was like in this household.

Some things I will miss:

-Dinner dishes cleaned, just like that, boom.

-Laundry folded, just like that, boom.

-Toilet not working, fixed, just like that, boom

-leaky faucet, fixed, boom

-an errand partner makes errands fun.

-walking partner

-horses watered and fed each morning and night, done, boom

-new horse saddle racks up and beautiful within 40 minutes, and amazing!

-running out to the 5th wheel to say ‘good morning’ with a breakfast sandwich in hands to share.

-sitting in church with all next to me

Just a few to think of……

When parents first arrived we headed right for the capitol to listen to Franklin Graham. It was a really great moment of seeing so many there to call upon the Lord for our nation.


It really was a powerful moment of listening to all the whispers as we prayed together.


THEN! The very next day, there was a prophecy conference in Tacoma and Jonathan Cahn was speaking.  (THIS is what threw me right into being the child that they love the most category I promise you this)

A selfie while waiting. It was really amazing though, hundreds of people and the worship leader began the worship service a half hour before it was even to begin. He said, “I’m just too excited to meet the presence of the Lord, so would it be ok to start now rather than later?” I LOVED IT!


Jonathon Cahn

He did a blessing after he spoke, I didn’t want him to stop, so powerful, Jesus was so in it!


Ok, that was just the beginning……….I’m not sure how the Lord saw to blessing as He did because right off the bat these things were scheduled right when they got here, and it wasn’t planned on our part. Only God!

It was a few days of ‘refreshing’ in the Lord.


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