dad & I trail riding & more

I have said this over and over but I believe it so strongly. A HERO my dad is to me. My dad turns 71 in a couple of days. This man, along with my mom are always moving towards the next thing. THIS time, they have studied their ever loving brains out and both passed their Texas Real Estate License test. Dad finished and took his test while here. He studied, it just amazes me. It’s an example to me that my brain is not too old or tired to do something new and challenging. They are headed to Texas to be near sister and family, but first they stopped to spend some quality time with us.

When dad got here, we had fence to build. He got right in there and did it! Asking the boys if the electrical fence was working by…..touching it, ha!


Dad took over the care of the horses, he’s truly a horse whisperer.

When we were kids, after training a horse well he would prove it by walking them thru our house. Um, mom?

dad and horses

Rosie is rarin’ to go


THIS makes me a bit choked up. I got to spend a whole day, just dad and I on the trail.  Not tones of words exchanged but we knew we were both happy right here in the saddle together.


Best looking cowboy in town.


Oh, a little trot down the trail.


Handsome, both of them, don’t you think?


Satisfied daughter right here.



A little selfie on the horses


Onward back home. On our way home we both verbalized that this was a good day, a good memory one we won’t forget, and that we were happy.


And then……he topped it off at the end of the week, him and Brayden building me horse racks for my saddles.

saddle rack

What a day, may I just say how over joyed I am.


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