August, the month of panic

At the end of August every year I begin this trail of anxiety, panicking, nonstop craziness in my head. Summer is almost gone, my kids are going back to school, another season. I do well with change, I actually like it, but if I don’t feel prepared for it that’s when I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and drive Jim nuts with my up and down, toss and turn, get up and write to empty my brain and TONES of praying. God has His way with me, He does not care what time it is or if I’m tired. This is usually when He can get my undivided attention and no interruptions  accept my dozing off before I’m awakened again.

Here are a few pictures of a fabulous time we had on a camping trip just Corvan, Jordan, and I did.  It was a little sad, knowing that Jim and my bigs are busy working and doing the manly thing. I’m grateful, but they were missed. At the same time I don’t want my youngest to think they don’t get to go play because they aren’t with us. It also gives the younger ones a chance to step it up and be men on our trip. Putting up the tent, starting the fire, cleaning up camp, you know, those man jobs. Protecting their mother from the big bad something.

Challenging and exciting and more than ALL  breathtaking! You had to wear tennis shoes that you are ok with to get wet.  Because you are wadding in water at times knee deep and climbing huge fallen logs.



THIS part, do you see the boys swimming? This is the ONLY way to get to the prize falls. It is deep I do NOT like cold water so I was freaking out a bit. See the boy scaling the side to get over to the other side? It’s straight up and down and very little chance you will make it without falling in. Corvan took my precious  camera and swam with it over his head to the other side while I attempted the wall. I DID IT! Not without Jordan throwing my foot into a crevice of the rock because I was dangling with my finger tips.  Once I got over to the other side all I could think about was, “I got to get back over AGAIN!”


Almost there……



Jumping off a rock at the beautiful falls.



More falls…..


Oh, we had a good time! GORGEOUS! It’s amazing all the ‘new to me’ things you can discover when you have lived in the Pacific Northwest all of your life.

We got to our camp spot and set up camp, ate some hot dogs on the grill, sat around the fire, ate smores,  went swimming some more and we crashed in the  tent with Corv on one side and Jor on the other. Just the way I like it.

Sigh…….it’s been fun!


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