a visit to see sister and cousins

We took a little trip over to see Sister Jenay and the cousins. My boys love their cousins. We have done a lot of life with them and when they don’t see them for a time they really begin to miss them.

We took a day and went to Sunriver. Very proud and happy to be spending the day playing together  today.


These two, they don’t just look a TONE a like from the time we put them together,  they also are great buddies.  From the time Jordan came out of the womb I said he looked exactly like Jenay sometimes it freaked me out a little bit and then she had one to match him.  CRAZY!


Mik has gotten huge and we love this kids personality. He really is witty and fun to be around. You can see Corv is happy to have this boy by his side, all smiles.


Esther, every time I’m near her, I want more of her. She has this soothing tone about her that makes me happy to know her.


This little gem bucket, she is this little owl who  is too sweet for words. She loved the water at the kiddie pool.  LOOK at those eyes!


I feel satisfaction when I get to spend time with sister. We don’t see or talk like we use to so I miss her terribly but when I do get a piece of her I feel a deep sense of happiness.


My mom was with us too, why no pictures I am not sure, ugh!

Great summer happening that happened right here on this day.


August 28, 2016 - 8:51 am

Jeany - Oh I love this post and these pictures!!! This was a truly fun day. I love you and your boys and I’m so thankful you took the time to come and play.

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