50 years and counting

This is how the story goes……….

These two fell in love and got married.

mom and dad wedding day

A few years later this guy here was getting tears from his woman because she was wanting a baby so this is what the result of that was.


Then a couple years later they wanted a sibling to their daughter. And then this happened…..


We did this when we learned we were going to add another one to the nest.


The beautiful 3rd…..




Ok, now we have an uneven number……we need a baby in the family……


This is what happens with that youngest one. Admiration…..still…..


Thru all the up’s and the down’s they managed to hold tight and continue…………


So a few months back us girls were going back and forth on HOW ARE WE GOING TO get us sisters, husbands, all 25 great grandkids and 4 great grands all in one spot when living in 5 different states, trying to afford it, trying to get our schedules to come together, well……. impossible was pretty much the census.

So, instead we decided to surprise the folks with a gift to the place they had their honeymoon. Lincoln City, OR.

What was their gift? All of us girls, 2 flying in, and spending a weekend honoring and loving them.



Aren’t they still just HOT!?



We celebrated. We went out to a lovely dinner and then back to cut the cake. Dad prayed over each one of us girls and we toasted to us girls being thankful for them being amazing examples to what marriage is all about.






After all of these years they still have the charisma along with the love.


Our hearts are full to the rim. It was a special time for each one of us. May the Lord keep showering his blessings upon my parents and on this family they have created. I think they would say it’s not the love of each other that binds them together tightly but the love of the Lord together that keeps then loving each other.

Thank you Mom and Dad for living by example on how a marriage can be done for 50 years and counting………….





September 5, 2016 - 7:22 pm

Sharon Davis - That was a beautiful tribute

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