where to go from here!!!!

This is what part of my day looked like on one of the days last week. I pulled in to Cash and Carry, in a hurry as usual, go to throw the items in the back of the van and SLAM my  head right above my eye right into the corner of the hatchback door. I am feeling more irritation, because remember I am in a hurry, than even concerned about the blood trickling down my face. I look at it in the mirror and make a call to Dr. Blackner’s office. I ask for Nurse Kim, she gets on the phone and she says, “which one?” I said, “this time it’s me.” She said get in here now. Twenty minutes later, one stitch, glued up and ready to go again. THAT is a small example of the care I have received over at Dr. Blackner’s for 25 years now.


Dr. Blackner has delivered my first two babies until he didn’t do deliveries anymore.  I bawled like a baby when I was pregnant with Corvan and he told me he wasn’t delivering anymore. I thought then my world was going to fall apart, he got the ugly, ugly cry. Well, I am doing that ugly cry thing again. Jim went into an appointment yesterday and Doctor told him he is shutting the doors that all the continued regulations that have been placed on doctors in practice that he would just rather not. Jim told him, or I should say asked, ” you have not told Marlece yet?” (I’m sure with fear in his eye)……..when Jim told me, yip, I was awake most of the night (on the couch) doing the ugly cry having a total temper tantrum.

I know that my circumstances are different  than most because most go to one doctor for this and then another  for that and then to the emergency room if they need something now.  I think we have been in the emergency room one time and that was with a head injury that got us right in, but other than that Dr. Blackner is there to take care of us. My kids have all been circumcised by him, he knew I was a wreck and didn’t want to hear my baby cry so he had me park out back, I sat in the car to wait (as my mom was there in the room watching the procedure with each one) to have my boob ready when they delivered snuggled up baby to the car  ready for some comfort.

This man, I could go on and on……he has scene my kids on Christmas day! Meeting me at the office when it is all closed up for the holiday yet he sees a small window of time to see one of my kids. When I call for stitches, broken bone, sometimes not even a call, just an ARRIVAL he takes the time to take care of us. I call and ask the receptionist, “may I speak to Kim?” and her first words always is “which one?”

I trust him, even the times when I thought he was wrong, he was right. And, when there was something he did not do in the office he always led me to the right person for help. He always followed up with a call. One procedure he did on  Brayden, he was concerned about him, called to check several times and then later called him his ‘hero patient’. When I had a near SIDS incident with Layton and running into the emergency room with pajamas on and looking a bit haggard, I probably would have had CPS after me if it wasn’t for Dr. Blackner coming in as a concerned doctor to check on him.

My kids have had every shot that they have had with Dr. Blackner and then Kim administrating it. Two things that I find funny and fun with Dr. Blackner, no matter what we are in there with he always comes in the room  with this line, “how many shots do we get to do today?” Then when we do have to administer shots he counts like he’s getting excited, “1, 2, 3!” I don’t know, it kind of always put an ease to it. Then before he leaves the room he always has a personal story to tell in order to teach a lesson to the kids. (Most of the time of WHAT NOT TO DO, in the case of my kids!) Never a lecture but just a point to be made.

I’m not sure he knows the impact he has had on our whole family, but I do know this……we have been blessed beyond measure to have a doctor who is like none that we will ever be able to  match him up to. We love him and Nurse Kim for all the care they have provided us.

I am just not sure where to go from here……..

Thank you Doctor, I sing your praises forever and ever AMEN!


October 14, 2016 - 10:53 pm

Greg Blackner - Such sweet words. It has been a pleasure to be part of your family’s lives over the years. Thank you for your continued support.

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