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I have sat in the stands for my boys for years now. Of course it is always the biggest pleasure to sit there and watch them do their thing and cheer them on. This is Brayden’s senior year and I am now sitting in the stands looking at things a little differently than I have ever before.  From years past,  Brayden,  all the boys for that matter, have had a running position of some sort. Brayden has been defense for many years but he’s on the end chasing the guy with the ball. It’s always so exciting all eyes are on that ball and where it is going. Now, I am in a whole new realm!

I am a mother of a lineman. The mom who no longer has her eyes so much on the ball and where it is going but watching my boy SMASH the people trying to get to that runner. Front line, down on all fours ready to just smash, protect the guy with the ball. Offense and defense my eyes are on him grabbing guys and throwing them down to the ground.

I realized, as I’ve gone thru this season sitting there in a new realm of company that I have not given those boys smashing, so that ball can be run across the field the credit they deserve! Let me tell you, I have changed my tune. You know how they announce, “Jimmy Joe just ran 20 yards for another TOUCHDOWN!!!” I want to be the announcer and say, “Brayden Lasher just smashed six guys for that 20 yard run to get another touchdown!!!!”

I’m not saying my boy is ignored or that I don’t love all positions of the game I just have a new appreciation for those linemen. I worry more now too. His body is getting beat up at ALL times! He even wears gloves that have padding in them because he needs even his fingers protected. It’s just a whole new ball game for me as a mother in the stands.  My hats off to those moms, like me, that sit in the stands to watch their boys protect so team mates can move the ball.

Oh, and another thing…..this really started me all freaked out that just made Brayden mad like, “get over it” kind of mad. All my boys have been #40 since they were in 3rd grade. We don’t have a jersey that says anything but #40. NOW, he’s a lineman and he comes home with #63! I asked, “WHERE IS #40?!” I guess because he’s a ‘lineman’ that number is not allowed, I told him to tell coach to change the rules on this one. Brayden did not mind, listen, or whatever.

Here are the boys headed out for coin toss. They are united and I just love this about them. It puts a lump in my throat EVERY time.


Running onto the field.


Announcing their team mates thru the tunnel!


See what I’m talking about here? Block, block, block!


Oh BRAYDEN, get ’em, get ’em!!!


Thank you #41, Ian for only putting fingers on Brayden and not your whole body, he’s got it covered…. for you are a BIG BOY!


Watch out Mr. 44 he’s coming for you…..


Careful…..he’s going to get your quarterback!!!!



Ok, I think it’s time to quit showing Brayden off. He’s a stud and I’m proud of him. He is the captain of the team and has acquired the name ‘Poppa’ by his team mates, I can guess why, because he cares and yet has an authority about him that is Poppa like.

See ya’all in the stands as we watch our kids do their thing. So grateful, see you next Friday Night lights!


Pictures are taken by our own coaches wife, Jennifer Shaw, who gets out there and takes these amazing keep sakes for all of us. THANK YOU!


October 18, 2016 - 9:18 pm

Brandee Shafer - My older nephew plays football. I should know which position but don’t. I’ve never seen him play, and this hurts my heart.

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