to sit, remember, and give thanks!

I have been rushing, rushing, rushing, it’s just what this time of the year brings a lot of going from one thing to another. The kids are in sports every night along with the weekends, it’s the holidays, my salon is full, my kitchen is in full function, I mean it is EVERYTHING I love so much. I do love this time of the year.

I don’t think I sit and reflect enough and enjoy even just the past along with the today. As I was in the middle of cooking pies and cleaning up the kitchen I have had sitting here in my kitchen Jordan’s essay that I received a week ago after his conference and have yet to read it. So, before putting the essay away I took a minute, turned off the tunes, sat and read his essay. It brought so much joy and laughter to me I can’t stop laughing even as I picked up the vacuum next.

I am so grateful for this child, I wish he wasn’t at school right now I would attack him with huge kisses and loves.

The essay:

Jordan Lasher 10 years old

I’ll always remember the day I got my worse injury in my life. It was three years ago at my house where we park our cars. I felt as normal as can be except I was bored out of my mind.

I was walking around alone because my brother was not home. I decided to go on the pogo stick. The pogo stick was silver and black with a green spring. The rubber on the bottom was gone, the bottom was metal.

In addition, I jumped on the pogo stick once, twice and the third time I jumped the metal slid across the concrete. I fell and wacked my head! I cried loudly as I ran to our porch I yelled to my mom, “I HIT MY HEAD REALLY HARD!”

“What?” She shouted to reply.

“I WACKED MY HEAD,” I yelled again.

“I’ll be right in,”she echoed back as she finished feeding the horses.

When she came in she asked “Now what’s wrong?” I told her the story. She stated, “you probably have a concussion.” She held me until I fell asleep, I seemed to sleep fine that night. I woke up in the morning, my head was killing me, I then instantly ran to the bathroom and dropped all that was in my belly into the toilet. My mom rushed me to the car. She told me, “I will pull over whenever you feel bad.”

I went all the way to Dr. Blackner’s without throwing up. My doctor said I would have to get an MRI and that he couldn’t help me. We drove to get the MRI, when we got there it was a really big building with a lot of windows. When we go into our room a doctor there said to lay down on a plastic bed thing, so I did. It brought me into a tube, I sat there with all this noise around me including my mom telling me I was ok and it would be just a little longer. I laid there for a whole half hour and I only moved my thumb twice! My mom and the doctor watched a computer to see what happened to me.

I did it, I had two concussions, a skull fracture from the top of my head to the bottom of my skull, and bleeding in my brain. I had to skip sports, running and sometimes even walking for a whole year.

In the end I learned a valuable lesson, to wear a helmet. There would be nothing to remember if I didn’t get hurt, I hope the two concussions  don’t effect me later in my life. It’s probably the most injury I’ll ever have.

Jordan Lasher


THIS right here is what makes me thankful, for just the littlest of things. SO many thing right here in this essay, make me smile and give thanks with a grateful heart.


January 9, 2017 - 11:03 pm

Tina Williams - His momma was RIGHT there and he told the whole world about her! I love him. I hope he got an A+.

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