wrestling season is full and fun!

Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling……..this is what we do! 

Jordan, on top putting some hurt on this boy. Jordan is headed to leagues, as in the finals next week. He’s worked so hard this season.


I love this picture, see his dad there keeping a close eye on what he is up to.


Many wins………

And some loses. ( I do not like this picture, no I do NOT!)

Then, there are the friendships, a little pep talk before Kyler heads out to the mat.

This is his work partner, they keep each other on the top, always pushing to get better.

Then, there is the coaching, thank you Coach Ronquillo.

Oh my……this was CRAZINESS! You got this Jor!

Corvan, he is wrestling USA this season. He has stepped up his game, it has been tough, however, I know that it is just preparing him for his high school years that are coming. Ugh, did I just say ‘high school’?

I hate the mouth guard thing, how do they breath with that thing? I can’t imagine running with anything in my mouth, how do they do it? So glad when braces are DONE!

Another great year, not finished yet but so far so much fun.

Grateful for these times of sitting in the stands, driving hours to practices and tournaments, making friends, being a friend, sitting again at practices, and then there is the cheering and enjoying. So happy to be apart.


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