SNOW we LOVE snow!!!!!!!!!

I will take snow over rain ANY day! A few pictures of my favorite creatures in the snow.

Good evening kiddoes!


Good Morning Kiddoes!

Mom, I’m not too sure about this…….

How I love this face.

Here is another one………

Goofie boy!

So much going on in our little lives and so much going on in this world. This really is a season that I feel like bursting with joy over how I feel about these kids, feeding and caring for these horses, chickens, or my tri-podded pup, people that God has assigned us to take care of for a time, . And then, also in the bigger things of this world it all seems so doom and despair but really the Lord has marched right back in and placed his hand upon this land. Can I tell you, as much as I keep it to myself I am so grateful to our God who was. and is. and will always be in charge and when we PRAY together He moves. It’s really a beautiful thing. The super bowl yesterday was a blast, watching it with all my boys and then some, so much fun! When I get down or overwhelmed I remember these things……….and then……….remember again………


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