Standing tall on the podium at state

Corvan, Jordan, and I headed to Eastern Washington University to watch Brayden perform at the Washington state track meet. 

The boys and I prayed on the way there that the trip would be  safe  and that Brayden would perform to the best of his ability.

Brayden made a PR of 14.3 feet and received the silver place medal.

Announcing the contenders  

The stress level in this, at one point about this moment I turned to Corvan and told him to tell me what happens, his response was, “I’m not watching…..” 

And then this would happen…..

Before I got there I could tell the emotion in me was all but right in my throat. I talked myself down all morning, “do NOT start, do NOT start” because I knew that if I began I wouldn’t stop.

Sitting in the stands and then the flood gates began, there was no stopping it and thank GOD for glasses, it camouflaged somewhat what was going on under those glasses. Corvan kept looking at me and telling me to stop, I tried.

He is WAY clearing it, super exciting! 

Planting that pole, the intensity!!!!!!!

There he is…..


I am a proud mom of this boy who is a champion, who is graduating in a couple of days, who seems to keep me in tears with all kinds of things, and then smiles in between.

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