Ok, yes, you can call this the brag center

This is one of the prouder moments Jim and I will have. Jordan, got top 10 academically in his school. I am so over the top. He was recognized in front of the school board, super intendant, and all schools in Yelm. It was quite an honor.

Jordan is such a hard worker who wants to succeed and be at the top all the time. I am always telling him, sky is the limit, set your standards high, work hard and it will pay off. He’s done that.

I’m  not ready to send this innocent sweet boy to middle school, I’m just not ready.

Jordan was ready for his moment, he knew exactly what he wanted to wear, practicing web to web strong hand shake like a man with his dad, got a hair cut and fixed it until it was perfection. (no help on the fixin’ part from hairdresser mom)

Jordan has really been such a hard worker and a HUGE reader this year. 

Super proud of this boy, over the moon proud of him. Please don’t go to middle school, please. (does that help?)


June 4, 2017 - 1:04 pm

Jan Johnson - This is SO wonderful!! Your precious sons are blessed with amazing parents.

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