It was a beautiful day to bless the seniors as they transition from one kind of world to another. Encouraging them that they don’t have to go thru the next phase feeling alone but that they have support threw prayer and to always carry on with a relationship with Jesus is the biggest thing, He is always there in the midst. 

The service was held in the newly refurbished old school house, we were the first to have an event there. What an honor this was, I am in love with this building! This is also the first baccalaureate since 1981 in Rainier. So many firsts right here.

Each student was given for their keeps forever and ever a bible. Isn’t that the best gift ever?

Mr. Beckman, the high school principal, opened with speaking to the kids about keeping their faith with them and showing it to others.

Teacher, Mr. Mounts, was our head speaker who explained to them that the path they ‘think’ they may be headed for may not be the one the Lord has in mind for you, but it’s ok because it’s God’s plan.

The Lord planted in my heart years ago that Mr. Mounts was the man for this job and he did fabulous.

Teacher, ‘Holtie’, closed us in prayer.

Refreshments for everyone afterwards.

A few of the graduates in the bunch.

The one in the blue up there with a blue shirt and cap on wrote a poem that was just beautiful, I want to share it. He is humble and doesn’t want to read out loud his own work so Brayden read it.

Steven Roberts you have a gift sir.

It never hit me like a train

I’ve always felt You by my side

I’ve never collapsed from enduring pain

You’ve always helped me I must confide

You listen to the struggle of my thoughts

The stress of imperfection comes forward

I hear You and what You’ve bought

It’s pushed out and my inhibitions are poured

I continue to walk and sometimes forget

You’ve always stopped me when I do

I wander and fill with regret

It’s drained from me by You

There’s a pattern to my ways

I’m sad to say, You know it so well

It continues throughtout my days

You watch me falter, with anger I swell

But there comes a time when I stumble

I ask questions I know the answer

I fall until I’m stuck, then I’m made humble

You remind what I’ve forgot to insure

Things that frighten, worry, concern

It’s not my burden, You’ve taken it on

They’re irrelevant, You’d think I’d learn

I swallow my pride because I’m wrong

Back and forth like an ocean current

You call my name back to you

My faults make me deterrent

I cry as I realize, this is what I always do

I recall a story of a lost sheep

I feel alone but you seek me out

My soul is Yours to keep

You wouldn’t lose one to a wayward route

Then his support crew forever and ever, minus one.

Of course I will always take that picture with my boy, I love him, and am always petitioning to the Lord on his behalf. ALWAYS!!!!! 

This day was one the Lord had birthed in my heart many years ago, and He birthed it to reality perfectly.





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