30th Reunion weekend

I didn’t get that many pictures of the weekend, I think I must have been ‘in the moment’ and that is a good thing right? You know, I came home from being in my home town with 5 hours of processing as I drove back to Olympia and I realize, I really do have such a genuine love for these people. I felt like a cheerleader all over again when I’d hear that people who I hadn’t seen for many years, some since graduation, are doing real good in their life. I wanted to get up and just clap and sing them a cheer. Most all have changed for the better. By this point, I don’t think anyone was out to impress but be honest and really just take in enjoying each other. Very comfortable.

Where do you think we are? Well…..of course we are at the horse races! 

I got to spend some quality time with my girl Dena Leigh, there on the left. We pretty much were hooked at the hip thru school and I was reminded again why she was my girl for all those years. We kind of just get each others quirkiness. She has become a natural beauty with a radiant smile.

Got in on some of the boy talk. I think I was just standing here thinking in my head, “they just ALL have become some genuine lovely gentleman.” I’m just so incredibly proud of them. They are all working men with beautiful families and they were all just so happy to share about them with each other. So cool!


Anyway, there were some really lovely moments. 

I’m really grateful to have had this time reconnecting, thank friends!



August 12, 2017 - 12:58 pm

Dena - Marlece Shannon,

So heart warming to read your thoughts and feelings about the reunion. Though you didn’t get many photos (and neither did I) because of being in the moment, it means you got this great reflection from it plus two quality photos. So good to hug you and reunite with you my friend! To be with you and in your presence was always an honor and still was/is after 30 years! More to come:)

Dena Leigh

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