White Water Plunge!

We had a little adventure down the Deschutes River and had a blast. Of course I’m a big fat wimp when it comes to cold water but I sucked it up and of course and had a blast laughing and enjoying the boys.

Layton was unable to attend because of his broken leg but the next best to man the front of the boat is Devan. So glad he was with us. Devan is a twin,and Brayden I think, thinks he is the triplet they never knew about.  

I laughed so hard, Devan was getting the hit over and over, here you can see he’s getting a little gun shy.



Um, did we get wet? We all stayed in though!

Pole high five

Bless my heart a hundred times over, doing adventure with these boys, again, God knew just what he was doing when he made me wife and momma and second momma to these boys. 

So thankful this summer for all the hard word Jim and Brayden (along with Devan) have had this summer, and also thankful for all the summer fun in between.  



August 20, 2017 - 3:05 pm

Jan Johnson - Wow! What a bold and fun mom you are. I love being a boy-mom, too! ❤️

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