Happy birthday Brayden

Today is Brayden’s birthday. I always go back to that particular day of when my boy’s entered into the world on their birthday.

Brayden was pretty much my long drawn out birth, I labored all night long and then the next morning he came with a quickness that surprised everyone! The biggest thing I remember, once Brayden was born I was exhausted and just kind of laying there taking it all in when this, what I call army nurse came in with no love in her heart just a mission (just kidding), took Brayden, put him in his little warmer thingy and began stripping the bed, turning on the shower, and helping me get there without passing out. Got me back into the bed and gave Brayden back to me. I was like, ‘what the heck just hit me?’ I didn’t even have 15 minutes to regroup after Brayden made such a quick entrance before Army Nurse comes in to get me moving to the next phase! 

I think that might have started a beginning for how Brayden was going to conduct his life and sometimes I feel like I’m still  like, “uh, wait, huh? what just happened?” Brayden is one that when his mind is made up he will just go for it. It may take a minute to get to that point but once he does WATCH OUT!!!!

A perfect example of this was his freshman year and starting his first of four years of football. I took him to meet up for summer football camp and he cried and was pissy with me the whole way there, fought me hard, coach asked him to give him/football a chance and then make a decision. From that day forth he was a leader and an incredibly hard worker, he set his mind to it and BOOM. Same with his pole vaulting, he had to be talked into it and then again, BOOM, he just went for it. 

He has this adventurous spirit, this drive, that keeps me on my knees praying for him all the time. 

This is pretty much what he likes most………flying in the air from a very high distance in all things. On the mountain skiing, jumping into water,rock climbing, hiking, pole vaulting,  getting air on his bicycle or on a dirt bike the list goes on….

flying 60 feet into the air into the water

Happy birthday my crazy wild adventurous boy!

And now…..a student at Saint Martin’s University I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses your spirit in this new phase of your world. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes or on my knees.

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