It’s that time of the year when this house is all about the MOVE and FOOD! 

I’ve said it so many times, but wrestling always has me in a fit of laughter, crying, yelling, wanting to punch someone, or hug them. 

Our season with lots of pictures, here goes……

divisions takes us to leagues

Does he look like he’s happy to be a wrestler, or maybe this is his ‘I am tough look’ (I’m scared)

“Come on JOR!”

Brotherly advice

This is where Momma bear starts to feel the feels. This boy had Jordan so tight, Jordan could NOT get his head out of this grip, the thoughts in my head at this moment, God forgive me…..

He was cutting off his breathing, Coach Ben helping him get some AIR! Look at my boys in the back ground analyzing what is next….. 

Jordan, wrestled his way to a WIN with his head in that lock, decided I’m not getting out of this so ended up wrestling without a head, got on top and WON, I think even his ref was happy to see him win this one.

Leagues, so proud, worked so dang hard!!!!

This is the emotion after a loss, so appreciate Coach Ben’s heart. 

THIS is what all of that above came to, my STAR!

Corvan is in the heat of his ‘MOMENT’ right now. Wrestling at a whoppin’ 106 pounds. 

Districts on to Regionals…..


Nice work buddy!

Good job hug from Coach Hume.

I love this face, this, this…..oh Corv, you may be one of the smaller ones but fierce ones, when you put your mind to it, you are unstoppable. It is so a matter of where your mind is when you get on that mat, you have the skill……….

Well, I think I needed a moment of just reflecting on the perseverance I see in my boys right now. I want that, I want to go after what I want. As long as you have your heart and head into it, put in the time, AGAIN, unstoppable is the word. I learn from them. Thank you!




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