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30th Reunion weekend

I didn’t get that many pictures of the weekend, I think I must have been ‘in the moment’ and that is aView full post »

What a night to behold!

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Great ceremony, great celebration, meet our 2017 high school graduate. They also decorate their capsView full post »


It was a beautiful day to bless the seniors as they transition from one kind of world to another. Encouraging them thatView full post »

Ok, yes, you can call this the brag center

This is one of the prouder moments Jim and I will have. Jordan, got top 10 academically in his school. I am so over theView full post »

Standing tall on the podium at state

Corvan, Jordan, and I headed to Eastern Washington University to watch Brayden perform at the Washington state trackView full post »

Senior, he’s a senior

Well, here is my sweet boy, a couple of more weeks and off he goes to the big world. I love him.View full post »

The FINALE! And my golden child

Dear Prom, Here we are again, the last time I will be told my son is going to your event at the last minute and I haveView full post »

Corvan turns 14

We did some celebrating of Corvan’s life this last week. He turned fourteen years old. I can hardly wrap my brainView full post »

Spring break shenanigans

This spring break has been full, full of building muscle from all the leaf picking up we have been doing. After someView full post »

SURPRISE,Jordan is 11!

This boy of mine……how is it that the Lord sees fit to give the best gifts when you didn’t even ask forView full post »

Senior 2017

We got together to get some pictures FINALLY! I think the only reason…..there was snow, incentive, whatever itView full post »

SNOW we LOVE snow!!!!!!!!!

I will take snow over rain ANY day! A few pictures of my favorite creatures in the snow. Good evening kiddoes!  View full post »

wrestling season is full and fun!

Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling……..this is what we do!  Jordan, on top putting some hurt on this boy.View full post »

A year to ‘renew’ in a new year

Oh this picture just seemed so fitting, to just plunge right in the unknown of 2017, even if it is uncomfortable, as youView full post »

Christmas 2016

I have been absent not just on here but kind of absent minded everywhere. Going with the flow, not in a bad way, maybeView full post »