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1st weekend of summer!

We love this hike, we love this hike, we love this hike! Just look at the beauty! (and the cute kids too!) We went aView full post »

Ruby’s debut!

I’d say, today is a journey I did not know I would ever have to take with running partner but here we are todayView full post »

Chicken and roasted veggie pasta Dish

Here we go, I thought I would write this recipe down for my own good. I made a ton of this, it goes a long way, hadView full post »

I can’t believe it!

This year is a pretty special year.  We have Niece Amanda (Mana to us) back in our midst, as in living near by. We haveView full post »

Hand shake/look me in the eye and state tournament

Sometimes as a parent you look back and say, “I think we missed something in our parenting” and then  youView full post »

Whew! What a weekend!

We had a long weekend spent in my home town celebrating Niece Charsie’s graduation from high school. She is aView full post »

It’s all in the eye of the beholder

I wear this bracelet all Mother’s days for years now. I love the story behind it and it still to this day canView full post »

He is with us!

This week I have had a couple of those moments when you just drop to your knees and thank Jesus for who He is. Layton isView full post »


Being a mom of all boys, at times, I must say, I get into this funk of, “I won’t ever be going out to pickView full post »

A lot of mish mash…..

A lot of mish mash, here we go! Brayden keeps jumping higher and higher, I LOVE watching this! Corvan had some buddiesView full post »

Desires of the heart!

May I just say, I have had a bit of a revelation  the past few days. My life verse Psalm 37:4New International VersionView full post »

Our Ruby girl, thank you Lord for her life!

What a roller coaster of a week. Wednesday, I went for a good long run with my running partner, Ruby. She is preparingView full post »

word for the year 2015

This year, my word for the year is ………….TRUST! I knew that this was my word a few months beforeView full post »

the results!

It was a good day indeed! All the members of the team that made it this far worked so hard the whole week before toView full post »

This is how you make wrestling momma’s cry

I think my adrenaline is on high usage since yesterday. Did you happen to see the Seahawks play today? Oh my goodness,View full post »