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WE need each other, that’s all there is to it.

Ecclesiastes 3 [ There’s a Right Time for Everything ] There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time forView full post »

Scary in this world we live in

With all of the happenings in this world we live in it makes one thankful every day for God’s protection uponView full post »

I’m your biggest cheerleader, thanks for the return

I try to be there for my kids ‘stuff’ and if I’m not they know that their phone is going to blow upView full post »


This is my mom. I love her. She has always been devoted to me. I get my cheerleader gene from her for she has alwaysView full post »

PROM, Junior year

Here we are spring and it’s PROM! So here we go….. You have to ask with a little creativity so this is whatView full post »

Running, running, and jumping…..

We are in heavy running season in this household. We have had much fun! I was asked why Corvan and Jordan weren’tView full post »

DESERT 100 with Team Lasher

Last weekend we did the big trip with the camper, trailer, bikes and headed over the mountain to Eastern Washington toView full post »

freakin’ fun!

continued…..Sister Shauna lives not far from the happiest place in the world. But I have to say……Sha&#View full post »


Going back a few months ago, I had made a decision that I didn’t want to buy gifts but to take Christmas money andView full post »

Another season down!

I have a million and one pictures and am not here to bore anybody but I can’t help it. So here goes……View full post »

breaking up is hard to do!

It’s now been almost 2 weeks, my biggest boy moved out and is an independent home owner of his own home now. AllView full post »

Happy New Year 2016

It’s a bright beautiful crisp cold morning here in Olympia. Everything is white with frost even the horses haveView full post »

wedding too?

Yes, our weekend did not stop at Thanksgiving, shoot, that would have been too easy. Our family, we like to do thingsView full post »

I can breathE!

I am finally able to sit for a minute and write down some precious memories of our weekend. There was such anticipationView full post »

Catching up is what I do…..

It has been way too long of not posting but it is time. I have been in the middle of all kinds of things this fall andView full post »