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#40 that’s my boy!

Today is Friday and usually the biggest thing on my list is feeding football player and going to watch Brayden be a starView full post »

A trip to see Jim

Jim has been working out of town for several months now. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive to get to him. Right now theyView full post »

Run like a dog Roob, Roob!

Today, was a day we have been anticipating. It was a like a milestone that we were all so excited to accomplish. It hasView full post »

Her happy place!

This is my mother inlaw, my boy’s have always called her Bona. Layton started the tradition when he was just tinyView full post »

Definitely our spot this summer!

Summer, it always brings out adventure, barbecuing, yummy salads, lots of outside work, not interested in inside work.View full post »

horsin’ around this summer

We have gone on a couple of really fun rides this summer. It really is my happy place. Every time I am on that trail IView full post »

hay season

This year hay season has come and gone. Normally the rule of thumb is to wait after the 4th of July because it rainsView full post »

4th of July!

Fun day with the boys on the 4th. The boys and Jim went and got their usual, throwing money away, fireworks but decidedView full post »

From a daughters point of view

I spent the better part of the day on Father’s Day cooking a great meal for my man, the father of my children. HeView full post »

Summer Stuff

This girl, is running a MARATHON right here. Austin is a power woman. Jim, the navigator of where to chase her next wasView full post »

1st weekend of summer!

We love this hike, we love this hike, we love this hike! Just look at the beauty! (and the cute kids too!) We went aView full post »

Ruby’s debut!

I’d say, today is a journey I did not know I would ever have to take with running partner but here we are todayView full post »

I can’t believe it!

This year is a pretty special year.  We have Niece Amanda (Mana to us) back in our midst, as in living near by. We haveView full post »

Hand shake/look me in the eye and state tournament

Sometimes as a parent you look back and say, “I think we missed something in our parenting” and then  youView full post »

Whew! What a weekend!

We had a long weekend spent in my home town celebrating Niece Charsie’s graduation from high school. She is aView full post »