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It’s all in the eye of the beholder

I wear this bracelet all Mother’s days for years now. I love the story behind it and it still to this day canView full post »

He is with us!

This week I have had a couple of those moments when you just drop to your knees and thank Jesus for who He is. Layton isView full post »


Being a mom of all boys, at times, I must say, I get into this funk of, “I won’t ever be going out to pickView full post »

A lot of mish mash…..

A lot of mish mash, here we go! Brayden keeps jumping higher and higher, I LOVE watching this! Corvan had some buddiesView full post »

Desires of the heart!

May I just say, I have had a bit of a revelation  the past few days. My life verse Psalm 37:4New International VersionView full post »

Our Ruby girl, thank you Lord for her life!

What a roller coaster of a week. Wednesday, I went for a good long run with my running partner, Ruby. She is preparingView full post »

the results!

It was a good day indeed! All the members of the team that made it this far worked so hard the whole week before toView full post »

This is how you make wrestling momma’s cry

I think my adrenaline is on high usage since yesterday. Did you happen to see the Seahawks play today? Oh my goodness,View full post »

movin’ on to the next move…..

This time of the year my boys have that genuine ‘I’m tired’ feeling. I have a very close father likeView full post »

New Years 2015

We spent our new year skiing on the mountain. Corvan and Jordan got lessons and were flying down the mountain at the endView full post »

Bringing in the New year with thoughts on Christmas!

Running behind, running behind, this is what I do! But, I must get it in! Happy New Year to all! Going allllll the wayView full post »

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lord for giving us another year of your presence in our life. We are a family that is blessed by Your hand. WeView full post »

winter and a few happenings

It’s that time of the year for the Lasher’s. Heavy into our wresting season, a big fat storm, the flu,View full post »

the boys….

Oh Layton, such a serious looking man.   Brayden, those blue eyes, much like your fathers. Corvan, just melt myView full post »

hunting season

The season that Layton loves and shared with his brother this year. Corvan worked hard last year to receive his hunterView full post »