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30th Reunion weekend

I didn’t get that many pictures of the weekend, I think I must have been ‘in the moment’ and that is aView full post »

What a night to behold!

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Great ceremony, great celebration, meet our 2017 high school graduate. They also decorate their capsView full post »

Precious as gold and of value like no other…..

I have said it before, “God has overly and abundantly blessed me in the friend department.” I have neverView full post »

friendship and dresses!

This was a day full of happy moments for me. These three girls and I have been apart of each others lives for years.View full post »

Summer Stuff

This girl, is running a MARATHON right here. Austin is a power woman. Jim, the navigator of where to chase her next wasView full post »

A lot of mish mash…..

A lot of mish mash, here we go! Brayden keeps jumping higher and higher, I LOVE watching this! Corvan had some buddiesView full post »

I’m panicking, summer is coming to a close!

Summer is here, school is just around the corner. I’m holding on to what is now and  the happenings of the summerView full post »

Prom 2014

Apparently all kids are invited to ‘prom’ in Rainier. Why? Brayden says, because it is so small they needView full post »

fried ice cream

This is what the choice of dessert was for Corvan on his birthday. A boy after his Mom’s own heart. I have to tellView full post »

I’m star struck by my cousin

The boys and I got the privilege of going to the production called ‘The Thorn’. It’s the story ofView full post »

45 reasons to be thankful!

Today is my birthday, happy day! (it was my birthday) Took me just way too long to get this list but I did it! So, IView full post »

I love, I need, I am blessed!

These girls, my friends, my life needs them,  makes my cup runneth over. We got to have lunch together. Friendship, IView full post »

I’m BACK!!!!! Hello…..

Oh gosh is it good to be back into the swing of blogsphere, I’ve missed it a lot mostly reading my ‘specialView full post »


Busying myself this week with house work, taking the kids here and there, the usual things that this Momma gets theView full post »

guess who I got to meet?

Anticipated this three minute moment for months and it was so worth it! I got to meet my other sister (she doesn’tView full post »