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Fav’s of year 2015

Every year it seems I go OCD on some ‘thing’ new to me. As if, I am not sure what I did before I knew aboutView full post »

updo’s, make me smile

Here are a couple of pictures of bride maid’s hair recently that I got the privilege of doing. I love weddings, soView full post »

Salon fun!

I have had many updo’s with weddings, school formals, and then there was this one on Halloween that I got to do. AView full post »

highs and lows….

My girl friend posted this weekend and it was called “Highlights and Lowlights” Which cracked me up becauseView full post »

Prom Hair

Prom Hair, so soft, feminine…..View full post »

cherished moments that come back to me….

There are some conversations that I have just cherished when someone is sitting in my chair. They hit deeply many timesView full post »

in the salon…..

I love the flow of her hair in this picture and the colors… Look at this mother/daughter team, I got the privledgeView full post »

not ‘just a haircut’

I ask the Lord to bring to me people this year in need so that I may impact them with giving of something the Lord hasView full post »

is it enough or the right thing??

I do my best in this little world of ours to not place judgement on those around or near me if I do not know the WHOLEView full post »

I’m a baby people I just am!

Whoa! What a week! Started off on Thursday while I was frantically cleaning my house knowing parents were going to hitView full post »

He’s even in the small things!

I’ve got lots of little projects going right now that are so very exciting! First, did you notice the change in myView full post »

salon talk….

I love my clients in my salon. I love to get to use my artistic abilities, I really am the most blessed girl in theView full post »