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45 reasons to be thankful!

Today is my birthday, happy day! (it was my birthday) Took me just way too long to get this list but I did it! So, IView full post »

slow learner, I give, I give!

Slow learner, but once I get it, it’s like twisting my arm, I GIVE, I GIVE!!! Corvan has had this ‘cold&#View full post »

Break through!

My friend and I, we have been asking, for what had been years now, crying together, reading scripture together, gettingView full post »

What is the problem? Part 2

As my 9 year old Corvan and I drove down the road, small talk at first, but then I told him we were not stopping untilView full post »

What is the problem? Part 1

This post has been a long time coming. I think because it is so close it is hard to really talk about. You know when youView full post »

“She has issues”

The she here is ME, do you ever fight with someone inside of your head, you say this, they say that, and on and on theView full post »

fav’s for 2013

Throughout the year you learn about a few more things, try a few things, some could go some can stay. There is alwaysView full post »

Grace is sufficient for me

I’ve been spending a few days all day at home to myself doing laundry, cleaning stalls, I got a run in when IView full post »

I’m BACK!!!!! Hello…..

Oh gosh is it good to be back into the swing of blogsphere, I’ve missed it a lot mostly reading my ‘specialView full post »

I have fallen for fall.

I really do like this time of the year. It so gears up with school and sports, but really the weather September andView full post »

Prayer Meeting of the Blogosphere (7)

My friend said to me, “Satan will be on the attack so be ready when you post this” and she was right. I&#View full post »

what is church anyway?

Why is it that we feel that we have ‘arrived’ or that where we feel the most ‘effective’ is inView full post »

A miracle……

When there is a story to be told over the fact that the Lord came thru and it was hard to believe it, that is called aView full post »

My emotions…..

This is what a friend said to me just recently, when we took a good long walk in the beautiful evening sun and it is soView full post »

A Momma’s heart

Romans 8:28 New Life Version (NLV) 28 We know that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love HimView full post »