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What is happenin’?

What is going on around here? Jim, home for the weekend, off getting hay for the horses, it costs so much right now! BigView full post »

a gift!

This sign was a gift from my sis and I will cherish it so much. I am such a sucker for signs. I have them all over in myView full post »

oh my heart today….

THIS is what made my heart swell today; A friend of Layton’s went to church with us today after also going severalView full post »


Layton asked me several months ago if we could take in a dog that some people that he knows didn’t want. I toldView full post »

favorite love song…..

I was asked today, “what is your all time favorite love song?” This one is it for me….. it gets myView full post »

Scary moment!

Ok, just looking back at some very happy moments for Ruby and I,  but today…. We were doing what we do mostView full post »

right out, no sleeping for this girl last night

I can make things up in my head. Oh you should have heard my head last night. Round and round it went, this, that, andView full post »

CHICKARITOS and blessings

A friend who has a plate full, full of ‘life’, had over the top hands full of  serving her family the pastView full post »


I was just looking back at my first post last year and declaring that I have such a fear of ‘not getting theView full post »


Right when you think you have a hold on something the Lord just keeps bringing up, are you like me, and BOOM that isView full post »

words describing 2012

Words to describe the boys this past year: INDEPENDENT and CHALLENGING (he’s a senior…enough said?) HELPFULView full post »

giving is the gift

We adopted a family for the holiday season. The boys spent their hard earned money on satisfying the wish list providedView full post »

why the tears?

What makes you cry right now? Right now it seems I’ve been crying about things that seem so over the top big thatView full post »

happiness is…..

My BFF Beth did a post on LPM blog about what happiness was to her, happiness to me is: ~happiness is going to bedView full post »

And who’s sleeping in my bed?

Jim is away on a job during the week so guess who keeps feeling the need to take up his side of the bed? Or should I sayView full post »