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HEAR that Momma ROAR!

How do you want to be seen by others? This question has certainly hit me head on lately. I think the Lord is showing meView full post »

let’s sing!

This, is what constantly is going thru my mind right now. I go to bed singing it and waking up singing it. Does anybodyView full post »


Sacrifice…I’ve been thinking alot about this word recently because I went in for some advice to a person whoView full post »

fear of ‘the unknown’

Fear, or the feeling of being scared, I just hate being in this place. It makes me feel vulnerable and out of control. IView full post »

the calm before the back to school days

It’s coming to THAT time of the year….sending my guys back to school. Why, do I dread the thought of this soView full post »

oh, let the thunder roll……

Oh my, the past couple of days have been interesting in the weather department here in the northwest. I know that someView full post »

Daughter of the King!

I was thinking as I was driving down the road today praying for a friend who needs to know how much Jesus loves her. HasView full post »

Miss Congeniality

I was talking to a girl friend a couple of days ago and we had this conversation. She, in all of her beauty was tellingView full post »

so many thoughts this past week, can’t keep them straight!

What in the world? I can’t seem to get a post together because my brain goes from one subject to another fasterView full post »

actions and words….

I always am telling my kids, “actions speak bigger than words, it’s not what you say it’s what you doView full post »

It’s a Good Friday!

Ok, so this is my dad today….I couldn’t help but share this….I tell you what, sometimes he neverView full post »


Have you ever experienced a stirring that you could not ignore? It goes deep, way down in your spirit. You don’tView full post »

young at heart

A different place for me today. I have always been one to think that you basically are as old as you think you are. I amView full post »

thankfulness on Monday

I think I will get right to my continuing list of thankfulness: 108.rain? We are having so much right now I feel likeView full post »

called to be a cheerleader

aren’t I cute? It doesn’t show, but I was a turquise queen as well. Just about every finger. hahahahahaaha!View full post »